Best Movies Of All Time

The Godfather became the highest-rated film since 1972, winning several Oscars, including Best Picture, and setting the all-time record for the highest-rated film in the Rotten Tomatoes film review system. The moving appearance of James Cagney as the film’s main actor, Michael Corleone, makes it a pleasure to look back on this day. In 2017, 20,000 readers of Empire magazine voted it the “greatest movie” ever made.
Citizen Kane is considered by many critics to be the best film of all time and is still able to prove it. It may have been released almost 80 years ago, but it is still one of the most popular films of all time and a classic in its own right.
The 1941 film, which destroyed precedents in its time, was directed, produced, starred and co-produced by William Wyler, William Wilkes Booth, Robert De Niro, John Huston, Charles Foster Kane, George C. Scott, Harry Belafonte, Paul Reubens, Walter Matthau, Frank Capra, Jack Nicholson, Richard Dreyfus, James Stewart and Robert Redford. The film focuses on newspaper magnate Charles “Foster” Kane, who is loosely based on newspaper tycoon Charles Randolph Kane (John Wayne).
It was nominated for an Oscar in nine categories, the only one to be won for a screenplay by Welles and Herman J. Mankiewicz. For more critically acclaimed films, check out our list of the ten best films of all time, which still holds the record for the most Oscar nominations in cinema history.
Black Panther is one of the most successful comic-based superhero films of all time, and it’s a really great movie. With a predominantly black cast, Black Panther gave cinema audiences something completely fresh, with no white superheroes starring to highlight it for what it was.
The joker catchphrase was a key factor in determining the 100 greatest films of the 21st century, and it is still one of my favourite films of all time.
But the canon of modern classics shows that judging cinematic greatness is not enough to make us laugh. Very few comedies make the list and even fewer make the top 100 films of all time, with only a few exceptions.
The debate about the greatest films of all time is a decades-long tradition that transcends language. More valuable than an emotional reaction to a chuckle is the ability to shed a tear while watching a film.
The closest we get to the final ranking is by drawing up a list based on ratings, but calling something “great” is not as easy as looking at box office receipts. We’ve already told you about the best films ever made, so are they really the same as the best films? We rounded out some of the best works in Hollywood of all time with a combination of box office numbers, critical acclaim and ratings.
Although the list is constantly changing, the top 10 films have remained pretty much unchanged over the years, and in that sense our top rated films can be the best of their time. The top rated films on this list were compiled from films that were rated by millions of viewers.
The BBC and Culture have done nothing to define in advance what a comedy is, so we have left it to the critics to decide. Only films from countries that were made before cinema was invented, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the United Kingdom, were eligible to participate.
As always, we ask our experts to go to their hearts and choose the films that were part of their lives, and not just those that fit the ideal of greatness. Some comedies made before 2000 did not make the cut because they were overlooked, but they are worth a look.
When it comes to good films, things are subjective, and that is part of what makes this discussion so funny. If you want to prove that your selection is universally adored, turn to Rotten Tomatoes and see if it’s one of the top rated films on the site. They collate all reviews from film critics to build a consensus for each film.
In the list of the best films of all time, the films are judged according to a number of factors, including the quality of their critics, the quality of the film as a whole and its popularity with the general public. RT sorts the results of the tomatometer according to what the critics think, so if at least x – many of them like it, it can be helpful in deciding what to see.
You can see the full list here, but we thought we’d go into the top 50 to see some of the gems that have come out of it.
It’s not the first time RT has lost out on films with a similar score, but it’s still the best film of all time with a 9.2 rating, surpassed only by “The Godfather.”